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Designer | Mechanical Eng | Graphic Design

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Starting from the shopfloor and now project management. On my journey I have been required to gain skills both hands on and office bound in fabrication, installations, welding, surveying, 2D CAD, 3D CAD (Solidworks) , rendering visuals, sales, photography, website development and more . All these variety of different tasks has helped me gather both basic and important skills on a wide range of tasks on a day to day basis, I now currently deal with following overall tasks on my day to day basis. Relationship building with new potential clients, site surveying, concept designs and visuals, project cost calculations, drafting quotations, 2D design and 3D design to provide manufacturing drawings for the relevant contractors or shopfloor staff, controlling project completion requirements, quality control, and finally planning project install and completion dates. As a company they offered a wide range of products from different divisions Scala Interiors offered high end staircases, wine cabinets, sculptures and more. Polymet offered a wide range of different styles of furniture. medical frames, school dinning tables, street furniture, bar stools and more. Finally Method Engineering offered industrial engineering fabrications varying from paint vessels, Nuclear tanks, conveyors, chutes and more. Working within these three different divisions has helped me build a broad range of skills and hope to carry on building more skills throughout my career.


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Apprentice Design Engineer

  •  Polymet Ltd | Scala Interiors | Method Engineering
  •  May 2013 - Sep 2017

Project Design Engineer

  •  Polymet Ltd | Scala Interiors | Method Engineering
  •  Sep 2017 - Sep 2020

Freelance Designer

  •  Harwood Freeland Design
  •  Sep 2020 - Present


HNC Mechanical Design Engineering

  •  T2K