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Health & Safety Advisor

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I am a Health & Safety Advisor/Consultant with over 20 years experience having worked for various companies throughout my safety career. Prior to that I worked in the printing industry for 22 years starting as an apprentice machine minder at 16 and worked my way up until I reached production director.

After leaving the printing industry I went to work for a large window cleaning company in London I started out in sales then went into operations when I was given the opportunity. Later I was promoted to Key Accounts manager looking after several of the major accounts, I also took on the role as safety rep for window cleaning before taking over as group safety advisor.


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Safety Advisor

  •  Quality Safety Company (QSC), Oxford
  •  Aug 2020 - Aug 2020

QSC is the Principal Contractor at BMW - Mini plant ,Oxford. The project was the strip out and installation of new plant in the paint shop. This was Phase 1. Phase 2 will be at the winter shutdown this coming December.. My main task was looking after the contractors who were stripping out and refurbishing Top Coat oven 1. to ensure that they worked safely within the CDM 2015 regulations but also adhered to BMW safety policies and procedures especially in light of Covid-19.

Safety Advisor

  •  QSC at JLR Solihull
  •  Jun 2020 - Jun 2020

QSC were the Principal Contractor for Jaguar Land Rover at Solihull for the FA3 building. I was asked to provide Health & Safety cover over a few weekends due to staff shortages. My main role was to tour the site ensuring that all contractors were working safely and checking tools and equipment were up to date e.g. LOLER checks on MEWPS and that PAT testing was up to date. Another part of my duties including checking the contractors RAMS and ensuring that the contractors had signed on to them. I also inducted both contractors and JLR staff onto the site.

Safety Advisor

  •  QSC - Sturm Gruppe, Castle Bromwich - Birmingham
  •  Jan 2020 - Apr 2020

This project was the strip out of all of the old machinery and equipment from F Block and the install of new infrastructure and equipment for Project Merlin. I started in early January to help Strum Gruppe and their sub-contractors to adhere to safe working practices as they had breached some of the regulations and had been issued with an improvement notice prior to my appointment. The project was shutdown at the beginning of April due to Covid-19.

Safety Advisor

  •  QSC
  •  Dec 2019 - Jan 2020

This was BMW- Mini plant Oxford's planned Christmas shut down in Building 50 & 50.1. Several projects were being undertaken by various contractors and again my role was to keep a general eye on all but also to oversee a particular contractor who were installing the marriage equipment for the new electric mini.

Health & Safety Advisor

  •  JEE Automation
  •  Nov 2018 - Nov 2019

This has been the longest contract project that I have worked on. JEE Automation were the first Chinese company to be awarded the contract to install and commission 2 robot cells for JLR in Castle Bromwich. JEE had approached QSC and asked them if they could provide a Health and Safety advisor for the project. This is where I came in on the project. At first we had to get into place the RAMS for which we had a template that allowed for Chinese translation. I was responsible for writing the RAMS for JEE but also reviewing the RAMS of their subcontractors. I also contacted JLR Business Protection daily to ensure that Hot Work permits were in place before start of work each day. At times we had problems because of the language differences but we found away around this thanks to technology and set up the JEE Safety Team Forum on WeChat. This made communication much easier. I am proud to say that we did not have any accidents or incidents for the whole project.

Safety Advisor

  •  QSC
  •  Jan 2018 - Oct 2018

In this period of working for QSC they used me on various contracts for BMW - Mini and JLR. The work was very peripatetic as I could be working in Swindon for a week or so then helping out at Solihull or Oxford. The biggest hurdle here was keeping track of all the different time sheets for the various contracts.

Health & Safety Advisor

  •  Martins Fixings
  •  Sep 2017 - Dec 2017

I was approached by Martins Fixings as they had taken over as Principle Contractor on a project for BMW. The contract involved the construction of new mezzanine offices and an indoor test track.. All though the site was well fenced off and signs put up there was a problem that BMW staff still needed access to some offices adjacent to the new mezzanine area. I
installed temporary fencing and signs but BMW staff still tried to wander in from time to time so I spent a great deal of my time politely explaining to them why they just could not wander on to the site this included the plant director himself. I was quite surprised after the hand over ceremony he came up and thanked me for keeping him out.

Safety Advisor

  •  QSC - SCL
  •  Aug 2017 - Sep 2017

I was contracted by QSC to look after SCL who were carrying out steel strengthening works to the steel work where the new mezzanine floor and offices were to be constructed. As this was still a busy working area at ground level due to it being part of the stores hub caused a few problems. We were able to close off one small area where a new staircase had to be installed and worked around the different areas after consulting with the managers and supervisors in the logistics hub. A lot of the work needed to be done over the weekends.

Safety Advisor

  •  Fox Safety Services
  •  Nov 2016 - Jul 2017

I joined Fox H&S on contract working at first in JLR Solihull in buildings 48 & 96 where JLR produce both the Range Rover and Land Rover discovery models as well as the Jaguar SUV models. Fox H&S were the principal conractor on site and over saw all projects being undertaken on site. Apart from keeping an eye on contractors working on different projects both small and large I also undertook site inductions checking RAMS etc. In February 2017 I finished at Solihull and was sent to Ryton on Dunsmore where JLR had just leased a brand new logistics building and they were converting it into a pre-production plant with 4 service lines. This project was completed on time with no days lost.

Health & Safety Advisor (South)

  •  Deminos Ltd
  •  Jan 2015 - Sep 2016

I was originally employed by Deminos Ltd to cover the South of the country mainly in Kent, Sussex, Surrey and London looking after their clients who had added H&S services to their HR contracts. I had to provide the clients with everything they needed from Risk Assessments to a full blown Health & Safety Management system. As time progressed the job was taking me as far afield as Edinburgh in Scotland down into the far South west in Cornwall and Devon as well as deepest Suffolk. In the end this became just too much to handle as I also ended up working and traveling at week ends. We parted company at the end of September 2016.

Health & Safety Consultant

  •  Citation Ltd
  •  Apr 2010 - Nov 2014

I rejoined Citation on a temporary basis acting as a trouble shooter in the South East of he country from Essex down to the South Coast and parts of London. After 3 months they offered me a permanent position either based in Oxfordshire or the North East. I chose Oxforshire and I have been living here for more than 10 years now. The clients that I looked after could range from chemist shops up to large companies covering a wide
spectrum of industries so each day as such was different. Moist of my time with the clients was either spent carrying out annual audits, installing their safety management systems and also instructing them on the online safety systems. I also trained them on how to generate their own Risk Assessments using the online Citassess portal.



  •  The City and Guilds of London Institute
  •  Oct 2001 - Mar 2002

NEBOSH General Certificate

  •  Oct 1996 - Jun 1997

I was awarded the NEBOSH general certificate after completing 13 weeks study and having passed both practical and written exam.