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Top Tips for Nailing Your Next Freelancer Proposal

Every client wants to know why they should pick you for their construction project over other professionals. If you want to stand out, increasing your chances of securing the task then a well-crafted proposal is what you need.

  1. Competitive Pricing

    Ensure your pricing is competitive – create realistic budgets and achievable milestones.

  2. Ask Questions

    If you have questions -ask them. If you have suggestions – make them. This will help you to build a relationship with the client and give you a better understanding of their needs.

  3. Show an Understanding of the Task

    Your proposal doesn’t have to be lengthy if it shows that you understand the client’s needs and that you have the capability to deliver.

  4. Sell Yourself

    Describe how you will deliver the work, your experience and why the client should select you. REMEMBER to give the client confidence that you will be able to deliver the work to the required quality and deadline. This is your opportunity to sell yourself!

  5. Don’t Include Unnecessary Details

    A critical issue to avoid is talking too much about yourself and not focusing on solving the clients problems. Clients don’t have time for unnecessary fluff – get straight to the point with a personal, concise professional proposal.
  1. Trust & Credibility

    Uploading supporting documents helps clients understand what you can offer and goes a long way towards budling trust and credibility. Typical files include CV, supporting letter, references, drawings, photos, and diagrams.


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